We take the stress out of your puppy search.


When you have chosen your puppy and are ready to make a minimum deposit of $500 to hold your puppy or make full payment.

We Totally understand it’s difficult to purchase a great dane Puppy. We are ready and willing to work out a payment plan that will work for both parties as long as the full price of the puppy is paid before pick-up or delivery. Please note that once you send a deposit and have us add your name to the reservation list, the deposit is only refundable if for some reason your puppy was not made available to you. If you change your mind or fail to pay off the balance owed on your puppy for any reason, you will lose your deposit. The only exception to this is if a written agreement is obtained from us and we approve the refund due to extenuating circumstances. If for some reason you cannot get the puppy you have chosen out of the current litter, your money can then be used towards a puppy of the same quality from the next litter. The buyer will be responsible for any difference in price.

All of our puppies come with AKC Registration, a one (1) year health guarantee, veterinary health check, shot records, and will be up to date on vaccinations. If your puppy is shipped via ground or air, we will also provide the shipping kennel, health certificate, food and water.


You are more than welcome to drive here and pick up your puppy or meet us at a designated location within a 70 mile radius of our home. We only accept visits during Weekends only and Strictly on appointment . If this doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to ship your puppy using one of our shipping options listed below. Our puppies must be minimum of 8 weeks before they can go to their new home. If you live far away and are not willing to pick your puppy up, we can safely ship your puppy via ground or air.

Ground Shipping

Ground shipping is a great option for transporting your puppy. We can send your puppy via ground shipping if the weather is too hot to use an airline or even if you would just prefer it. Of course, this means that transportation could take longer than flying. We use a transport company that is professional puppy handler and delivers nationwide. Your puppy will travel in an air conditioned van or truck and will stop on a regular basis for food, water and potty breaks. We provide shipping crate, food and water. Shipping by ground will vary in cost depending on your location and is determined by the shipping company we use.

Air Transportation

We have shipped many of our puppies nationwide and to Canada via airlines and we are very pleased with the service and care that the puppies have received. We use United airlines as they are the only airline that will ship flat faced dogs and they have The Pet Safe program in which pet are being transported in a Climate Control Environment . This program has the following features:

  • # Pet travel within a specially designed compartments that are pressurized similarly as a passenger cabins.
  • # 24 – hour PetSafe desk is available for help at any time.
  • # Each pet receives a confirmed booking prior to departure and you have the ability to track your pet’s transport from it’s origin to it’s destination online.
  • # Both plane and ware house facilities are Climate- Controlled for the safety of your puppy on the ground.
  • # Pets are the last cargo loaded and the first cargo unloaded from the plane to ensure comfort in any weather conditions.
  • # Pets receive personal handling in climate – controlled vehicles for connections in United’s hubs if the animal will be expose to temperatures greater than 85°F (29.5°C) for more than 45 minutes.Your puppy is hand delivered and fully escorted to you by a puppy Nanny to ensure their safety. Standard Shipping via air is range from $150 – $350. We Usually have shipping Vouchers which can make you ship your puppy at a discounted price.

VIP Air Transportation

This is our preferred method and most requested form of transport. You can literally rest easy knowing with 100% certainty that your puppy is safe and in good hands. We will hand deliver your puppy to your Door step at $400

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